Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I was rummaging through the cooler for something to sip tonight to help relax after a mentally taxing day when what did my eyes spy but a hidden bottle of Alex's Red Barn 2005 Viognier. Since I had two bottles of the 2007 stored it was quite a fun little find and after the momentary debate of holding my own private vertical tasting I decided to not waste any more time and opened up my find. In the glass this white Rhone varietal is nothing but pretty, clean, clean looking with just the slightest touch of golden sun in color. Now I know that it is not uncommon for a Viognier to lose a large part of it's nose after a few years but as I brought the glass up after a few healthy swirl I was greeted with the heavenly scent of honeysuckle and apricots with a slight floral underpinning. The wine smelled like a warm summer evening just as a cool breeze was working through (OK, that was kind of muddled but I hope you get the idea). In the mouth this wine shows a little body with bold fruits that might make you think sweet but you really get fruit more than sugar. There is some acid, moderate alcohol and fruitiness that leaves a little spiciness lingering on the finish. Even after a few years this wine can hold its own with much of what is out on the market.

Number of wines reviewed in 2009: 201

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