Sunday, June 21, 2009

Alex's Red Barn's New Grenache 2008

Today after doing the Father's Day stuff my partner and I went to Temecula to pick up my wine shipments from Leonesse and Baily's. On the way home we stopped by Alex's Red Barn Winery where some of the cleanest, least manipulated hand-crafted wines in Temecula, if not SoCal, can be found. The whole reason for the detour (other than I have enjoyed their wines since I first tasted them nearly a decade ago) was I had been told of a new offering, a Grenache! I love a well-made Grenache which can range from light and fruity to some of the heavier Rhone productions. The moment I inhaled from the glass I knew I would enjoy it. The experience put it somewhere in the middle of Grenache spectrum. The nose was fruity with hints of spice and vanilla and just the slightest touch of green pepper. On the tongue I experienced cherries and blackberries exploding, supported by mouthwatering acid and smooth tannins with a little spice kicking in on the finish to carry it one a bit longer. This medium-light bodied wine makes a fine summer red, an excellent companion for grilled meat as well as a hearty stew or roasted lamb. The wine is a winner, enough to make me sign up for the wine club.

Wines reviewed in 2009: 199

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