Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wine Tasting: May 1, 2010

Yesterday the hubby took me out for wine tasting at San Diego Wine Company. Always a great value in a relaxed environment as usual I found nothing bad but a few that were so nice I brought them home. Here are the wines we tasted with my notes for each wine:

Morgan 2009 "Santa Lucia Highlands" Pinot Gris: Clear, light wheat tinted wine. Hints of orange blossom and caramel. Good balance, light, just a touch of a bite but a good finish.

Laetitia 2008 "Arroyo Grande" Chardonnay: Pear, melon, and a hint of buttered popcorn. Lovely color. Fruit a bit light. Decent balance but finish comes up a bit short.

Core 2007 "Santa Barbara County" Grenache: Nice, big red fruit bomb with just a hint of spice. Slightly sweet, juicy.

Tamarack 2007 "Columbia Valley" Firehouse Red: Tasty little blend of blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Sangiovese, Carmenere and Petite Verdot from Washington's Tamarack Cellars. Good fruit/acid/tannin balance. medium finish.

Tarrica 2008 "Monterey" Pinot Noir: Pretty garnet, hints of cherries, cranberries, vanilla, and "earth". Nice palate but slightly tannic to me, could age another year but promises to be a fine wine at some point.

Gozzo 2008 "Mendoza" Cabernet Sauvignon: Dark and rich, loaded with cassis and chocolate. A touch "flabby" but a decent drink.

Amancaya 2008 "Mendoza" Malbec/Cabernet Sauvignon: Deep purple, fruit driven, dark fruits, hints of chocolate and vanilla, juicy! Slightly leaner than expected, excellent fruit/tannin/acid balance, long finish. Brought this one home, great find for less than $15.

St. Francis 2006 "Sonoma" Old Vine Zinfandel: Yum. Garnet with lovely dried cherries, plum, and spice (hints of white pepper). Lively palate, good balance makes for a medium-long finish. Since the Amancaya would be lonely brought this one home as well ($12 a bottle, nice).

Number of wines reviewed in 2010: 50

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