Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wine Tasting Class 2: Whites

Below are my notes from my last wine tasting class:

L'Ecole Number 41 2007 "Columbia Valley": This was a clear wine, somewhat pale with a lemony, slightly gold coloring. The nose was clean with hints of apple pie. The palate was nice, a dry wine, slightly high acidity, medium-light bodied presenting citrus with a touch of minerality providing a medium-long finish.

Villanova Pinot Grigio 2005 "Fruili": Nice little Italian Pinot Grigio. Clear in appearance with a hint more gold in the color than the L'Ecole. Very pronounced honey on the nose with an undertone of florals. The palate runs just a little to off-dry, decent acidity, medium bodied with flavors of honey and silver. Medium finish with just a touch of bitter rind on the finish.

Victor Hugo Viognier 2008 "Paso Robles": A nice example of a California Viognier, clear and lemony in appearance with a clean nose loaded with honeysuckle and apricots and some lovely floral notes. The wine presents the palate with a good acid level, medium bodied texture and fantastic apricots and kiwi all coming together for a long finish.

Hayman & Hill Riesling 2007: An entrant from the Columbia Valley, this wine was clear and pale in the glass and presented the traditional petroleum notes as well as a light green apple to the nose. The wine seemed to be off dry with good acidity, medium-light body and flavors of green apple and peaches and just a hint of slate on a somewhat short finish.

Georges Duboeuf Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise 2001: Now for the sweets. This wine is a little dull in the glass with a somewhat intense golden hue. The nose reminded me of orange syrup with raisins and slight perfumy undertone. The wine is sweet, low acid but not cloyingly so. Medium bodied, made me think of apricot brandy and gave a not bad medium finish.

Number of wines reviewed in 201: 59

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