Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wine Tasting At San Diego Wine Company

Today I went to the weekly tasting at San Diego Wine Company. As usual an enjoyable time (until the two women who seemed to bath in perfume came in). Here are my notes on the nine wines presented:

  • Tin Barn 2009 Sauvignon Blanc "Hi Vista Vineyard": Clear, light; lemony tint. Nose is slightly grassy, citrus, slight hint of melon and oak. Crisp palate, med acidity, green apple and citrus with a touch of minerality on the finish. Good example of California Sauvignon Blanc at a very reasonable price.

  • Fort Ross 2009 Rosé of Pinot Noir: Clean, pink core, fades a bit toward the rim. Nose is strawberry with just a touch of peach. Palate is clean, a touch "prickly", light/medium (-) bodied, juicy strawberry and stone fruit with the slightest hint of oak. Medium (-) length finish, very pleasant.

  • Fort Ross 2007 Chardonnay "Sonoma Coast": Clean, bright lemony-buttery color uniform to the rim. Nose is a nice lemon meringue, hints of buttery popcorn. Palate is medium (+)/full bodied, medium acidity, malolactic butteriness, citrus, nice medium length finish.

  • Jocelyn Lonen 2008 Chardonnay "Napa Valley": clear, bright, lighter intensity than the Fort Ross. Nose shows malolatic fermentation and oak along with melon and a touch of citrus. Palate was surprisingly lively, medium acidity, decent fruit delivery and a medium length round finish.

  • Tin Barn 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon "Sonoma County": Opaque, deep core with slight bleeding to the rim. Big black fruit on the nose with hints of dark chocolate and cloves. Wine is full bodied, medium acidity and tannins, good black fruit, smooth tannins, just a touch of sweet oak. Medium finish that had a little heat toward the end.

  • John Alan 2007 Cabernet Franc "Paso Robles": Deep, not quite opaque, tight core with significant bleeding to the edge. Nose very fruit-forward, black fruits, stewed prunes, dark chocolate. Palate is dry, strong but smooth tannins, medium acidity, good fruit, touch young, good now but better next year.

  • Jocelyn Lonen 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon "Napa Valley": Deep, opaque, red with touch of purple with uniformity of color to the rim. Nose is blackberry, cassis, runs a touch hot. Full bodied wine that delivers smooth tannins, medium acidity, nice black fruit with a medium length finish. Drink now through the next couple of years.

  • John Alan 2007 Malbec "Paso Robles": Inky red with just a hint of purple in the core. Nose is dark fruits, hints of smoke and a tiny bit vegetal. Medium acidity, smooth tannins, red fruits, touch hot on the finish.

  • Tin Barn 2007 Zinfandel "Russian River": Opaque, deep ruby core, slight bleeding at the rim. Nose shows heat, red fruits, touch of cinnamon. Palate is dry, hot, big spicy fruit, medium acidity, hot medium finish.

    Number of wines reviewed in 2010: 95
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