Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mirassou Merlot 2007

Next up on the hit parade of Merlot varietals is the widely available Mirassou Merlot 2007. This wine is lovely to look at, clear, deep purple core with a color bleed to a ruby-purple toward the rim, nice legs after a couple of swirls. The nose is clean, medium intensity black-blue fruits (got pretty good blackberry and black cherry with a hint of blueberry and oak). This is a dry medium bodied wine with medium-to-medium (+) acidity, medium tannins, cherry and blackberry coming through as well as some sweet oakiness all rolling up to a decent medium-length finish. It's wasn't bad but I have to say while all of the components were there the wine left me feeling as if the sum was not greater than the parts, as if part of the promise left unfulfilled. Perhaps having it was food might mellow and bind the components together a little more and help out, but I don't see myself drinking it on its own.

Number of wines reviewed in 2010: 83

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