Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bridlewood Zinfandel 2008

Another Tuesday night so time to go to MA4. Tonight I chose to bring along a bottle of Bridlewood's Zinfandel. Now I've had a lot of Bridlewood Syrah and it's been quite lovely so I had high expectations for their Zinfandel. Alas the hope was not fulfilled. At first it showed great promise, a deep dark rudy in the glass and a lovely nose of blackberry and spicy cedar with a hint of smoke. Once in the mouth though I was crestfallen. After a very brief flash of raspberries I was overwhelmed with a gamey, smokey taste and hits of what seemed to me to be ash. My friend Sarah agreed that the little bit of fruit evaporated quickly in the mouth so I don't think it was just my tongue was off. Now I will say that the cheeseburger I ordered seemed to improve the taste of the wine, but on its own I was disappointed. Oh well, Bridlewood has many lovely Syrahs to try.

Number of wines reviewed in 2010: 35

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