Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2007 Foley Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir

Today is a day for me to celebrate. I got the results back from my comprehensive exam and passed with high honors (yeah me). To celebrate I opened a lovely bottle of Pinot Noir, my lone bottle of Foley 2007 Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills and opened a Fuente Opus X Cigar. Obviously I tasted the wine (well, "tasted" a glass) before smoking the cigar. The wine is absolutely lovely (Wine Enthusiast gave it a 92). The color is a beautiful deep cherry red hinting at what is to come. On the nose hints of cherry, cranberry and a touch of cola. The wine is a medium-light body, lovely mouthfeel and my salivary glands worked overtime. The fruit was "bright", making the wine seem a little light but lovely with soft tannins combining with the other parts to create a medium-length finish that brings a touch of spice into the mix. Perfect for an evening like this.

Number of wines reviewed in 2009: 204


Anonymous said...

We knew you would.

Bill Eyer said...

Mike, your post is right on point! Just popped open this baby tonigh and Wow, this wine is freaking amazing! If you don't have this wine in your cellar you're missing out, if it's not in your glass, well sorry to hear that... the $55 price tag is well worth the price of admission, snooze you lose!

Chris Parente said...

Amen -- just had this wine last night, and it's a brand new favorite Pinot. Have had other good ones from the region, but this one is spectacular.