Thursday, January 29, 2009

Panarroz Jumilla Red 2006

Tonight I play the role of "grass widower" and needed a companion. I tend to haunt Bevmo and recently saw a wine that they advertised as a "Parker 90-point" for $8.99. That intrigued me enough tonight to pay for the little Spaniard and take him home. Panarroz Jumilla Red 2006 is a Mourvedre, Grenache, and Syrah blend (sort of a Spanish version of a Southern Rhone). I was so anxious I popped the cork and poured a taste. I was shocked at the first sniff, not what I was expecting at all. There was an expected smokiness, but it was accompanied by what almost smells like burning rubber. Hints here and there of fruit (and alcohol) but the harsh nose was a bit difficult to take. OK, I chalk it up to not decanting so I let it breathe. 20 minutes later it's still there, diminished but still makes its presence known. What about the taste? Nice acidity, some plum and dark cherries. The wine is young, grippy tannins combine with acidity to create an interesting "puckery" experience. I have to say, this wine doesn't do much for me. I agree with Gary Vaynerchuk who says "it's a love or hate wine - many won't like; I'm feeling this wine, many will love and many won't." (he gave it an 88 so obviously he liked it). I might try it again later but on the first tasting it's just not my kind of wine.

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