Friday, August 22, 2008

Charity Wine Tasting For Momma's Kitchen

Last night my beau and I attended a charity wine tasting for Momma's Kitchen, a local organization that prepares and delivers food for people with HIV or other critical illnesses at no charge (a very worthy cause in my opinion). We arrived there at 7, just missing the whites being served but we did get a glass of sparkling wine before sampling the reds and diving into the finger food supplied by some of the better local restaurants (including one of my favorites, Bite). From what I could tell all of the wines were from one producer, Alice White. I was able to sample three:

Alice White Shiraz 2007 - light plum and peppery nose (though I have to say, this was a smoking event so my sense of smell might have been a little off), very soft tannins for a young Shiraz, OK acid, short finish. A little soft for me, I like my Shiraz/Syrah to be a little more bold. Drinkable but nothing exciting.

Alice White Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 - better results than the Shiraz for me. Typical Cabernet Sauvignon with firmer tannins and better acidity than the Shiraz and a longer finish. Real Cab lovers might find it a little thin but again, drinkable.

Alice White Lexia 2007 - a dessert wine from the Muscat grape. Nice honey-colored liquid with floral, peach, and apricot notes. A touch too sweet for me without something spicy to pair it with(a little more acid would have added some crispness that would have made it a better "drinking" wine) but a nice example of a dessert wine.

The event appeared to be a success with the bulk of the crowd staying the entire time allotted. We are now looking into ways we can further support this organization.

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