Sunday, January 9, 2011

Keenan "Mailbox Vineyard" Merlot 2005

OK, enough time has passed since Sideways that we can stop making disparaging remarks about Merlot. If you don't believe me this wine will definitely change your mind. This is a fantastic wine that in the glass displays power yet will surprise you with elegance. Deep, virtually opaque in the glass. The nose is greeted with beautiful black currant, black cherry, mocha, hints of smoke and herbs with just a touch of spice. Even after five years the wine is a touch tight showing it hasn't even hit its peak. This full bodied wine displays solid dark juicy fruits, smooth sweet tannins, a fine acid backbone all coming together in a well rounded long finish. Will definitely drinkable now this wine will continue to develop over at least a couple more years and deliver a high quality product at least through 2018. At around $50 a bottle not something most of us can have on a daily or weekly basis but if you're looking for a "special occasion" wine you should definitely check this out.

Number of wines reviewed in 2011: 2

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