Monday, October 26, 2009

Battling Pinots At WineSellar

Saturday for lunch I decided to attend the wine tasting at The WineSellar and Brasserie, Pinot Noir "taste-off" between Sonoma and Oregon. It looked delicious on the announcement and I was not disappointed. For a pairing I selected the braised pork which was fantastic. Since the tasting was blind I will post my notes in the order poured and give the name of the wine after each note.

  • Wine 1: Light, "cherry red" in color. Light nose, slightly floral with cherry and raspberry notes. Fine acid/fruit bend, lighter bored. enough tannins to help create a longer finish than expected. Excellent with the braised pork! William Selyem 2007, Russian River Valley

  • Wine 2: Deeper in color than the first wine. Violets and blueberries on the nose, hint of cola here. Light bodied, nice blend but not as pleasing for me as wine #1. A littler shorter finish but there was some enhancement of taste with the braised pork. Merry Edwards, 2007, Russian River Valley

  • Wine 3: Red with hint of violet in color. Nose brings hints of earth and coffee along with red fruit. A little more dry than the first two wines. Not thrilled with the finish and no real synergy for me with the meal. Et Fille 2007, Willamette Valley

  • Wine 4: More deeply colored than wine 1. Big cola, vanilla, and fruit on the nose with lovely notes of spice. Bigger tannins than the other three but not overpowering. Excellent with the braised pork. Hartford Court 2006, Fog Dance Vineyard, Russian River Valley

  • Wine 5: Back to slightly deeper cherry red. Pretty nose full of cherries, berries, hints of herbs and earthiness that I love. Lovely mouthfeel, a bit fuller than the others but not at all flabby. Fine acid/fruit/tannin combo making for an excellent finish. Blends well with the lunch, my favorite thus far. Dusky Goose 2006, Dundee Hills, Willamette Valley

  • Wine 6: Deepest red of the six. Cola, violets, maybe blueberries and nuts on the nose, quite a pretty blend. Lovely, lively mouthfeel, medium finish. Works quite well with lunch. Cristom 2004, Eileen Vineyard, Willamette Valley

  • So at the end of the day I would say that the 2006 Dusky Goose (Oregon) and the 2007 Williams Selyem (Sonoma) were my favorites but it's hard to go wrong with any of these beautiful Pinots.

    Wines tasted in 2009: 212

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