Thursday, March 19, 2009

Maipe Malbec 2008

I have got to start taking pictures with something other than my phone.

Tonight's entry into the blog is the Maipe Malbec 2008 from the Mendoza region of Argentina. For those of you who don't know it already, only four countries in the world produce more wine than Argentina and for the time being some of the best vino bang for the buck can be found here and in neighboring Chile. I picked up this wine for $8 from San Diego Wine Company and it's a real winner. Beautiful purple bleeding out to a red rim in the glass the wine visually shouts "body" and it does have it. Here we get a wonderful blend of blackberries, plums, "gaminess" and hints of spice greeting the noise while it delivers black fruits, pepper, smooth tannins and a fine acidity slowly tapering off into a lovely finish. Well worth it for twice the price (but don't tell anyone I said that).

Number of wines reviewed in 2009: 140


Lindsay said...

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PurpleClover said...

But Argentina puts out the most Malbec since it grows the grape the best.

The Malbec is my favorite wine. I used to sell the Jean Bousquet Malbec for an importer. The 2005-6 were really great. I loved their Chardonnay. I'm a red wine drinker and it is one of the few Chardonnay's I could drink. I found that I prefer steel drums to oak barrels. So now I can actually drink a Chardonnay! ;)

Fell upon your blog. Love the reviews!